When it comes to home security, the little details can make a big difference. You might have a sophisticated alarm system and strong locks, but what about your windows and doors? They are often the most overlooked aspects of home security. Crimsafe security screens offer a solution that combines safety with functionality, giving you peace of mind without compromising on style. In this blog, we’ll discuss why Crimsafe screens are a top choice for home security, the importance of having them professionally installed and the long-term benefits they offer.

Why Crimsafe Screens are the Gold Standard in Home Security

When it comes to fortifying your home, Crimsafe screens set a new standard in safety and durability. These screens are engineered with high-tensile stainless steel mesh, creating an impenetrable barrier against forced entry. Unlike other security screens, Crimsafe uses unique Screw-Clamp technology, clamping the mesh deep into the frame for added strength.

This makes them a top choice for those seeking both security and peace of mind. Specialised installation services ensure that these screens are fitted precisely, making your home a fortress against potential intruders.

The Role of Professional Installation in Maximising Security

Let’s take a closer look at why the expertise of professional installers is crucial for getting the most out of your Crimsafe security screens:

  • Expertise Matters: A screen is only as good as its installation.
  • Local Challenges: In areas with varying weather conditions, it can impact the effectiveness of your security screens.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your screens have been professionally installed eliminates any second guessing about your home’s security.

Cost Versus Value: The Long-term Benefits of Crimsafe Screens

Choosing Crimsafe screens is not merely a purchase but a substantial, long-term investment in your home’s security and overall well-being. Here’s why:


Crimsafe screens are constructed to endure, providing lasting reliability that validates the initial investment.

Maintenance and Warranties

Ensuring regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your screens and providers often offer valuable services that extend beyond mere installation, enhancing the durability and functionality of your investment.

Secure Your Peace of Mind with Lockman Doors & Glass

At Lockman Doors & Glass, we understand your unique challenges and needs for home security in the Northern Tablelands. Our range of services goes beyond just supplying and installing Crimsafe screens. We’re here to offer you a comprehensive security solution tailored to your needs. Don’t leave your home’s security to chance; get in touch via our contact page or give us a call for more information or to book a consultation or service.

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