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Balustrade System™

Lockman Doors & Glass offer one of the best balustrade systems on the market—the Viridian Balustrade System™.

Balustrades With Unrestricted Views
This free-standing glass balustrade system uses the structural strength of Viridian VTough™ to produce clean, dramatic and cost-effective balustrades. The system minimises framing, creating light, clear spaces. Alternatively, VTough and Viridian VLam™ glass can be bolt-fixed or installed within framed sections.

Technical Details
The Viridian Balustrade System™ consists of 10mm, 12mm or 15mm toughened glass that may also require laminating depending on application. The glass is set upright in a groove in structural concrete or a steel channel.

The glass panels are located on neoprene setting blocks and a special non-shrink grout is used. The grout is capped off with a silicone cap. The channel must be designed to resist the twisting movements applied to the balustrade.

We install balustrades throughout the Northern Tablelands, including Armidale, Uralla, Walcha, Glen Innes, Inverell and Tenterfield.

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Installation Considerations

  • Standards Australian Standard AS1288 and New Zealand Standard NZS4223 with design loads from AS/NZS1170.1 must be complied with.
  • If the balustrade is protecting a difference in level of more than 1000mm, a separate handrail capable of withstanding the design load independent of the glass must be used. Please consult with Viridian™ for details.
  • The designer must determine that in the case of accidental or deliberate damage, any falling glass can cause no public danger. In these situations Viridian recommends the use of a toughened laminated glass or fully framed laminated glass.
  • Exposed edges of laminated glass are not recommended.
  • Viridian recommends all toughened glass used in frameless or bolted structural balustrades be specified as Viridian heat soak treatment. Note: this is a Viridian warranty requirement.

Unlock These Benefits:

  • Clear, unrestricted views
  • Glass panels provide wind break
  • Can be designed for bolted or freestanding applications
Glass Balustrade — Doors & Windows in Armidale, NSW